Roles and Responsibilities

Campaign Leadership Local Federal Coordinating Committee (LFCC)
The campaign’s governing body which may be comprised of local Federal officials, members of inter-agency organizations, and representatives of employee unions. The LFCC Chairperson and Vice Chairperson lead the LFCC in its oversight of the campaign.

Central Campaign Administration (CCA)
The organization responsible for developing and maintaining the national CFC giving website, receiving pledge data, and making distributions to charities. 

Outreach Coordinator (OC)
A small business contracted by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) to conduct marketing activities, arrange for events such as charity fairs, and educate charities and donors regarding the CFC program within a local campaign zone.

Campaign Chairperson
The department or agency head who supports the campaign by participating in special events, approving campaign goals, and providing the resources necessary to run an effective campaign. Also known as “Agency Head.”

Campaign Vice Chairperson
A senior official who secures the support of a department or agency’s senior management team and participates in campaign events.

Loaned Executive (LE)
A Federal campaign assistant detailed to work for the CFC for a specified length of time (as determined by the LFCC and the LE’s Federal agency) to support campaign activities. (Note: not all campaign zones use LEs.)

Campaign Manager (CM)
At large agencies or installations, the Campaign Manager is a Federal employee who leads and coordinates the CFC and the campaign committee within the department or agency.

Campaign Coordinator
A Federal employee who recruits Keyworkers and orders and distributes campaign supplies at his/her department or agency. The Campaign Coordinator also oversees campaign reporting and pledge processing, under the direction of the Campaign Manager (if applicable) or Campaign Chairperson.

A Federal employee who personally contacts colleagues to promote the CFC, answers questions, and asks people to participate by making a monetary gift and/or pledging volunteer hours.