Show Some Love Day

Are you passionate about disaster relief, veterans services, animal rights, medical research, or another great cause supported by the CFC? Behind each chosen cause is a story, and by sharing these personal stories, we create a deeper connection with each other, participating charities, and those that benefit from our CFC contributions. Choose your cause and Show Some Love by sharing why it’s important to you!

How to get involved:

  • Share your cause by wearing a cause-related shirt, ribbon, or pin, or get creative and put together an entire cause-themed outfit. Go one step further and plan an office or departmental costume contest or charity fashion show!
  • Fill out a cause board and post a cause selfie on social media using #ShowSomeLoveCFC. Then, display it in your workspace or office’s cause wall to inspire others to participate in the campaign.
  • Tell your CFC story to inspire others to participate in the cam paign. Share the reasons you support your cause and why giving through the CFC is important to you – make it personal!

Personal stories inspire and connect us as we work to reach a common objective or goal, and storytelling within the CFC can be a powerful tool as we work together to make a difference for those in need.